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The project “Volunteers without frontiers” is a project aimed for children and youngsters. The main objective is to inform, train and involve young people into developing volunteering networks. Those kinds of networks will work to prevent and inform vulnerable groups about dangers and threats coming from drug trafficking, human trafficking, organized crime, illegal migration and cross border delinquency.
According to data gathered the exterior border of European Union is frequently viewed as an obstacle for the local cooperation. Activities and projects that allow people to work together, interact and share experience are necessary in order to enhance the current local cooperation and any other initiatives concerning cross border collaboration.
Idea of implementing this kind of project came as a result of realizing the dangerous context which is upholding youngsters and children from schools and high schools to behave violently including their involvement in cross border criminal networks, human and drug trafficking and other dangerous occupations. a
Having three NGOs from border regions, representing three countries Romania(Suceava, Ukraine(Chernivtsy), Republic of Moldova(Balti) strongly involved in communities’ lives, cooperating in order to establish a volunteering network of youngsters prepared for preventing cross border delinquency represents a strong kernel for exchange of good practices and enhance of cross border cooperation.
The target group (young generation) problems identified by the Ana Foundation members and volunteers during implementation of other projects and activities are

  • Lack of opportunities for youngsters and children to take part in community’s life through volunteering activities.  There is little information about importance of volunteering in personal development and carrier and also there isn’t any adequate organizational frame for those kinds of activities.
  • the obvious threatening background that may involve youngsters in criminal activities, developing of criminal networks, drug and human trafficking, illegal migration and increase of cross border delinquency.

Project partners are League of Romanian Youth “Junimea”, from Chernovetsky Oblast, International Association of Small and Medium Business “ Small euro Business”, Balti Republic of Moldova and ANA Foundation from Suceava, Romania.
Project “Volunteers without frontiers” has lasted for 14 months starting on March 1st, 2011 till April 30th, 2012.a
As a result of implementing this project youngsters and children from border area Suceava(Romania)- Chernovtsy(Ukraine) and Balti(Republic of Moldova) were informed about importance of volunteering activities, volunteers recruiting, abilities and aptitudes development, social responsibilities, the importance of their involvement in social life.
The first major activity was held in May, 2011. For about 2 weeks project team together with associated partners County Police Inspectorate Suceava, Militia Inspectorate Chernovtsy and Balti City Hall carried out the Information Campaign in schools and high schools from the 3 border regions. Children and youngsters from 50 educational institutions beneficiated from an intensive informative program concerning some of the most currently discussed themes:

  • Volunteering. Legislation. Formation of volunteers
  • Fighting human and drug trafficking and organized crime
  • Fighting illegal migration and cross border delinquency

In Suceava, Romania this information campaign took place in 11 schools, 11 high schools and at the University “Stefan cel Mare”. In Balti, Republic of Moldova was involved 8 high schools, 2 schools and State University “Alecu Russo”. In Chernovtsy the team project visited 16 educational institutions and the National University “Iurie Fedkovyci”. Beside interactive discussions involving team project, partners and students were distributed promotional materials with information on it in order to make the message easier to understand and memorize. Were distributed 3000 flyers and 3000 foldings.
One of the main objectives of this information campaign was to select youngsters and children for the training courses held in August, 2011. To make the selection there has been drafted a questionnaire regarding the willing of the youngsters to participate at the training concerning the themes discussed during the information campaign.  These questionnaires included questions that were evaluating their interest toward volunteering “job” and further involvement in project’s activities related to fighting drug and human trafficking and organized crime. Selection has been made without any discrimination of race/religion/region etc. and ensured equal opportunities for all ages and sexes. Also during the information campaigns in schools and high schools there were made observations in order to find out the most active and interested participants.
After analyzing all the gathered questionnaires 60 youngsters and children were selected for training courses: 40 from Suceava, 10 from Chernovtsy and 10 from Balti.  Those were the participants involved in training courses that took place in august and those are the children that created the nucleus of volunteers of this project.
The goal of this training was to teach the participants about technics and knowledge necessary for the volunteering, to motivate youngsters from Suceava, Chernovtsy and Balti to develop abilities requested for further involvement in activities held to prevent vulnerable groups from drug and human trafficking, organized crime and illegal migration.a
Trainees have been separated into 3 groups each per 20 persons and the training itself consisted of 3 modules each lasting for 2 days. Every module consisted of 6 hours of “face to face „activities, 12 hours practical activities and 2 hours of final evaluation. During the training there have been used teaching methods based on immediate application e.g. exposition and demonstration, brainstorming, guided discussion, video material, debates, and simulations.  The success of the training was ensured mostly by the interactive teaching, practical applications and group discussions. This facilitated the reception of the information and established a warm and enjoyable atmosphere. The participants visited the County Police Inspectorate Suceava, project associated partner where they had been introduced to the investigation methods related to cross border criminal activities: antidrug, immigration bureau, criminal investigations- cross border delinquency, fraud investigation bureau- contraband, weapons, explosives; Forensics: polygraph/fingerprints/investigation resources and Police Rapid Intervention Service. There were presented real cases concerning the cross border criminality solved by the police officers.
At the end of the training session within the project “Volunteers without frontiers” alumni received diplomas of participation. Those trained volunteers participated lately enthusiastically at every project activities.
September 29- October 2nd 2011 took place the informing caravan in Suceava. The objective of the informing caravan was to inform a large number of citizens about nature and prevention methods of such phenomena as human and drug trafficking, cross border delinquency etc. in order to minimalize the effects and consequences of those social problems and also to attract new volunteers. The main themes of the caravan were:
1 Volunteering- an overview
2 Information about human and drug trafficking, organized crime
3 Information about activities related to the fighting illegal migration and cross border delinquency.
The most important overcome of this activity is that volunteers trained within the project participated with enthusiasm and shared with citizens their knowledge. They spread promotional materials within schools and high schools in Suceava and in the downtown. Among the most active volunteers we can nominate Leparda Razvan, Haratau Andreea, Stredie Anca, Serban Bianca, Munteanu Iustina, Lazarov Romina. Visiting together with project team the schools were discussing face to face with peers about social problems they established an extinguished connection possible only between people of the same age.a
In the downtown at the same time the project team already set a tent up. The tent was the center where citizens were informed by volunteers and project partners’ representatives: County Police Inspectorate Suceava, Chernovtsy Militia Inspectorate and Balti City Hall. To assess the quality of the event were filled out 800 feedback questionnaires. They showed a high level of effectiveness and productivity among the community.
Also in order to increase the effects of the informing caravan was used the procured minibus and rented trailer. Project team representatives circulated in town with a banner attached promoting the project and broadcasting an audio message about project objectives using amplifying devices.
The same informing caravan took place on October 28-30 in Chernovtsy, Ukraine and on November 11-13 in Balti, Republic of Moldova. Volunteers from this locations, trained within the project, the members of team project and partners representatives participated actively sharing with citizens the message and trying to raise awareness about important social problems.
Informing caravan therefore was the first practical activity designed for rookie volunteers. And they made it the best way possible, exceeding expectations and proving their abilities and creativity in solving problems. They spread in all three cities a number of 9000 flyers and 3000 folders with promotional materials.
The workshops that followed were designed as a logical continuation for all events held before. The goal was to outline the finality of project objectives by means of involving the volunteers and using their knowledge and newly gained experience.
The first workshop, organized at Suceava, focused mainly on putting into practice of the data gathered during the entire period of project implementation. Also the workshop intended to make participants realize the importance of raising public awareness about discussed problems.a
The team project had seen the elaboration of a future development strategy by the workshop participants (60 children and youngster: 40 from Romania, 20 from Ukraine and 20 from Republic of Moldova) as the best way to achieve the objective of the workshop. This strategy should be designed to solve the problems discussed: cross border delinquency and organized crime, drug and human trafficking. Also the participants shared their opinions about methods to be used in order to develop a strong and efficient volunteering network functional in all three countries and able to face common problems. Children worked together in groups consisting of members from   different countries thus ensuring an intercultural communication.
Volunteers cooperated very well and succeeded with their tasks. The common results have been presented by each participant using his creativity and inventiveness. Project team participated actively at result dissemination and supported the participants. As a result of this interaction were signed 50 volunteering contracts that will ensure a stable and sustainable volunteering network. A volunteering network is made to enhance the collaboration between the NGOs and their partners and ensure the further common intervention in order to solve social problems concerning all three regions. Cooperation and group work will determine a better relation between neighbours.
In the second part of the workshop volunteers were assigned to draft a social advertisement exposing the themes of the workshop. These videos will contribute at the realization of the project movie. During the workshop were present not only the volunteers, members of project team and partners representatives but also guests, representatives of local administration, mass-media, educational institutions, business etc. Some of them signed a partnership agreement (6 in total) referring to the further cooperation with NGOs and volunteers.
The workshop that took place in Chernovtsy was designed according to the specific objectives thus achieving the main goal. At the workshop participated 40 persons: members of project team, associate partners, mass media and educational institutions representatives and other interested of the topic discussed.
One the goal was to debate the specific problems that the development of volunteering is facing and raising awareness among youngsters about those problems.
Were established the foundations of a future collaboration between the participants at this workshop:  there were also signed 6 partnership agreements with some of the representatives of local business organizations and NGOs.
At the workshop that was held in Balti participated team project members and volunteers from Suceava(Romania)- 6 persons, from Chernovtsy(Ukraine)- 5 volunteers and from Balti(Republic of Moldova) as well as representatives of mass media, educational institutions and civil society. There were 40 persons in total involved during the workshop.a
At the workshop were examined analyzed and debated the information and practical solutions for some cases concerning the annihilation of trafficking networks, cross border  delinquency and illegal migration.
Some of the participants came up with presentations concerning the main topics: “Specific features of the legislation about volunteering in Republic of Moldova”; “International exchange and volunteering programs”; “Group problem solving”.
Also it was emphasized the necessity to create and set up a strategy for future development of volunteering activities regarding the fighting of human and drug trafficking, organized crime, cross border delinquency and illegal migration. At discussion participated Mr. Serghei Culibaba, representing Balti City Hall, Vitalie Balta, representing our associate in Chernovtsy, Vadim Lopotenco- dean at the State University “Alecu Russo” Balti, Iana Scripliuc- student at the State University “Alecu Russo”, volunteer at the International Association of Small and Medium Euro Business “Small Euro Business”, George Bodnaras- psychology professor, journalist representing League of Romanian Youth “Junimea” Chernovtsy, Grigore Pascaru- high school student Balti; Angela Rusnac – student at the State University “Alecu Russo” Balti, volunteer at the International Association of Small and Medium Business “Small Euro Business”, Laurentia Matiescu- high school student Balti and other volunteers.
During the workshop were signed 6 protocols of intentions regarding the signing in the near future of 6 partnership agreements. These were business representatives willing to assist the young volunteers in their effort to make the change and help prevent consequences of such phenomena as organized crime, human and drug trafficking and cross border delinquency.
The volunteers from the three countries made this project movie as well as the brochure published in three languages.
Through implementing this project were achieved goals as:

  • Informing children and youngsters from border regions Suceava(Romania)- Cernovtsy(Ukraine) and Balti (Republic of Moldova) about the importance of volunteering, recruiting volunteers, developing personal skills and social and civic responsibilities in order to actively involve them in social life.
  • Developing a network of volunteers without frontiers on behalf of the volunteers from schools and high schools from Suceava, Chernovtsy and Balti, trained to raise awareness among vulnerable group about human and drug trafficking, organized crime, illegal migration and cross border delinquency.
  • Identifying and developing a strategy for the border area concerning  further development of volunteering activities on fighting human and drug trafficking, organized crime, illegal migration and cross border delinquency

The project creates communication bridges between the Romanian, Ukrainian and Moldavian communities outlining the joint priorities within a civil society development program- main factor for a social and economic development of the border areas Suceava-Chernovtsy-Balti. The collaboration between 3 NGOs from: Suceava(Romania), Chernivtsy (Ukraine), Balti(Republic of Moldova) and 3 neighboring countries (at the border of EU with Eastern Europe- non EU) strongly involved in the life of their communities in order to develop volunteering networks and the involvement of children and youngsters in fighting against cross border organized crime will represent a strong nucleus of good practice exchange in strengthening the regional cross border cooperation.




Each person has it's one ways of contributing to the welfare of the community he lives in. Especially important is our – teenagers- contribution. We are the one designing the present and outlining the future. That is why I’ve considered as a great opportunity the participation at the project “Volunteers without frontiers”. I’ve chosen to be a volunteer within this project in hope that I will bring a change in the community, taking into consideration the topics discussed: human and drug trafficking, cross border delinquency and illegal migration. Apart from being involved in the majority of the activities that took place I’ve also had the possibility to spend my time with very interesting people. I‘ve had the opportunity to communicate with youngsters from neighbor countries, to get acquainted with their customs and traditions also to make new friends with whom I maintain the relation till now.  The trainers we had made a great effort to make the message of the project easy to understand. The things I’ve learned during this project will be used for sure in the future in my activities – it’s in important experience that determined me to make changes even in my one life style. I’m sure that it is strongly necessary to continue organizing activities with positive influence on the environment we live. I was pleasantly surprised by the great influence of the project on my opinions. I’ve realized that things might be done with positive attitude and determination and persistence. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to participate at this project and to be involved directly in many of the activities organized. Because I’ve realized my power to make a change I’ve decided to became a permanent volunteer of the ANA Foundation. I hope that my activity within this organization will bring me the chance to make the big change.Silțer Mnuela Umiversitatea Ștefan cel Mare Suceava


What summer plans an adolescent may have? Visit the seaside, spend their time with friends, be lazy in summer sun or to participate at an international project. I’ve chosen the last one believing that this will be a totally new experience. More than that I’ve never thought I will be so much attracted by the project activities that I’llcontinue to participate till the spring of the following year. In fact I’m quite sure that I’ll continue to participate in those kind of projects for a long time forward beacuse it gives me the possibility to learn new things. The project itself came as a pleasent surprise simply beacuse it involved participants from neighbouring countries: Ukraine and Republic of Moldova. I was curios to meet them – not every day you make friends from other countries or belonging to other cultures. Together we participated at some very creative activities but also activities covering serious topics – activities designed to change the mentality of communities’ members from all three countries. The trainers and organizers of the project „Volunteers without frontiers” are extraordinary persons, a brilliant example for the society , because they aren’t some super heroes but are as simple as us and tried to do something for all three communties facing the same dangers. Generally this project was efficient not only beacuse of the objectives proposed but also it offered us, the youngsters, the possibility to learn new things in a comfortable and pleasent surrodings. I’ve realised how important it was to involve yourself in activities benefic for your community and that any activity of yours may determine the course of events. I liked a lot our visits to Ukraine and Republic of Moldova – it was a new and beautiful experience. I’ve realised how important is the communicaiton at the time when you have something to share with others and I’m very grateful to the organizers for giving me the opportunity to learn how to face my fears. Andreea Hărătău Colegiul Național Petru Rareș Suceava


This project was a new experience for me. It was really really great. It gave me more confidence for doing things I want to do and determined me to work harder in order to obtain what I want. I will always remember things I’ve learned during the training courses and during other project activities. We had some exceptional organizers. They’ve shown us things from a new, unknown perspective. I’ve realised the importance of being interested in problmes our community is facing. I’m now willing to participate at many other projects of this kind. The trainers explained us the value a volunteering experience has for our future careers or studies. New friends, new information – everything was organised the way that we will leave with pleasant memories and useful information. It is worth to involve in these kind of activities because there will be benefits for both you and your community. It’s an indescribable feeling when you see things changing beacuse of you. I’ve participated with great pleasure at informing caravans that took place in Romania, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova. I didn’t expect me to have so much enthusiasm when spreading the message of the project by flyers and foldings –this was probably because we were working all together and everyone gave themselves to the maximum. I’ve discovered treats I didn’t think I might have – I enjoy communication, I like to learn new things and to help others. Volunteering brings into the light the most beautiful traits of yours. Taking into consideration the terms of the project obviously I had a lot of opportunities to participate at different events. The activity I was the most imppresed by was the training courses held in August. During a week we participated at different activities – we ended even visiting the Police Inspectorate. I suppose the decision to participate at this project brought me much more benefits than I was expecting. Now I feel the need to involve myself in as many volunteering activities as I can.Bianca Șerban Colegiul de Artă Ciprien Porumbescu Suceava


It was a great pleasure for me to participate at the project organised by ANA Foundation. After the informing campaign unfolded at our high school I was hoping for being selected as a participant at the Action and I was pleasantly surprised when I’ve been contacted. This is a remarkable project which involves not only yongsters from three neighbouring countries, but also has the goal to change something through implication of those young people. Due the perfect combination between theory and practicethis this is a project which manages through it thoughtful structure to awake the curiosity, to bring examples and to clarify theories it proposes and this is a great achievement in my opinion. The program for training the volunteers was greatly organised and I can say it was beyond my expectations. The training courses helped me to understand what does it mean the team coordination, making a decission during risk situations. As the result I want to involve myself further, to contribute at developing of the community and to use in practice the things I’ve learned.  I was astonished by the degree of implication of the organisers, by the mentality and intelligence of the participants, and by this project in general which was a huge success. For me it was a great experience, a possibility to meet people I’d never had the opportunity to meet otherwise, to learn things from different areas, to be more demanding toward myself and it brings me the desire to be the change I want in this world. This project made me to want to make something for Romania and to participate at this kind of projects – me who not so long before wanted only to leave as fast as possible this country. I know that Romania has the potential we need just to expose it and believe in it. Thank you very much and I hope we’ll meet at the next volunteers’ gathering. Ioana Andrei Colegiul Tehnic Alexandru Ioan Cuza


I was very happy to the fact that I’ve participated at the project “Volunteers without frontiers”. I liked this event because it seemed to be well organised. The topics discussed were very serious but presented in a very interactive way what helped us to better understand the message. The venues for the training courses were cleverly chosen – there wasn’t any technical problems, delays or problems of this kind. It was an entertaining program which brought us new impressions and new knowledge. The volunteers were very talkative and open-minded and this created a very pleasent atmosphere. I’ve made new friends and learned to be more opened to other opinions and point of views. The trainers were extraordinary persons happy for things they’ve been doing. They’ve been able to talk to us in a very friendly way and helped us to overcome the barriers in communication. We’ve been impressed by the theoretical knowledge and practical abilities of our trainers – things they’ve shared gladly with us. The things I’ve learned will have a great importance for me in the future and I’ll try to use them in my activities. That the first time I’ve encountred this kind of teaching method, very interesting and efficient which awakned the curiosity of the trainees and leaded us to search for more new information. Their guidance was enough the rest depended on our creativity and imagination. The Information Caravan unfolded in all three countries meant for me the opportunity to leave aside my emotions and to easily communicate with people on the streets. I’ve gained more self-confidence and I’m proud that I’m able to make a public speech without problems by now. I’ve realised that the involvement of each and every person by itself means already a step forward for a change, imporvement and settelment of community problems. A very well organised project. My Sincer Congratulations. And I hope there will be new projects as well. AncaStredieScoalanr. 1 Suceava


The victim
-                 it’s a strange world
a world were I feel cornered
I’m waiting for a light,
I’m waiting to break free!
even if I scream,
I feel
that no one hears my voice.
do you know  how is it to wander
the streets
without any goals,
leaded just by a deceptive dream?
All I ever wanted
and still long for
Is to be the way I was
One more time,
A mere chance,
A future!
I long for the old me!


Anyone may become the victim of human trafficking. Be not deceived! We must take care of ourselves and be aware of everything is going on around us; to never fell in this trap. You might have a chance to escape from them but will you be able to return to where you’ve been? Will you be able to rebuild your life?
What we know for sure is the fact that any events in our life even an insignificant one will leave us under impression. A victim of the human trafficking may experience the consequences of such an event during her entire lifetime confined in this nightmare. Don’t let them steal your life!
We want a better world.
Bianca Șerban Colegiul de arta Ciprian Porumbescu Suceava


We call volunteers persons who on their own will spend a lot of time sharing their knowledge and experience within activities held by civil organizations or NGOs. I had the experience of being a volunteer during my visit in Romania. It had a great influence on my visions. To be a volunteer is an honour but it implies also a lot of responsibilities. It’s not very easy to communicate the nature of a specific problem to some strangers – you have to be polite but persistent at the same time.
I’ve highly appreciated the fact that in Romania the Police Inspectorate is cooperating with NGOs. When I was invited to become a volunteer I’ve thought about organizing mass meetings with youngsters as the main activity. But it was something much easier and very interesting. I’ve enjoyed the most our visit to the Police Office.
In my opinion, if we want to attract youngsters it is necessary to spread information about it through social networks, TV advertisement and talk about it in places visited by teenagers. It doesn’t have any sense to involve elder people because they have already a formed opinion and character and they won’t be willing to change it. We should focus our attention on young generation because this is our future.
I would like to express my gratitude to project initiators. Before participating at this Action I haven’t any idea about such projects and organizations. It will be great if this kind of activities will be organized again in the future but at a larger scale. Thank you for sharing with us your experience and knowledge.
                                                         CAROLI Natalia, pupil at High School ”N. Gogol”, Balti



The project “Volunteers without frontiers” improved my abilities, provided new information and helped me to make new friends coming from neighbor countries of Republic of Moldova.
In Suceava, Romania I’ve spent a week where every day brought me something new and where I had the opportunity to involve myself in some social benefic activities. I learned how to make a public speech- an ability I didn’t have until now. I’ve made new friends with whom I interact even now. They’ve introduced me to some traditions and customs from Romania, involved me in some new games and activities I was unfamiliar with and many other wonderful things.
During the second visit to Suceava we worked together on a video advertising the concept of volunteering. I was impressed by the possibility to work in a team with other volunteers. Each group prepared a presentation which they explained after that in front of everyone.
I visited Chernovtsy, Ukraine this winter were I’ve learned a lot of great things. We made a tour of the city which was very beautiful just like from fairytales. In here we shared our opinion about this project. It was very interesting.
By the way, I participated at the Information Caravan organized in Balti where we spread information about volunteering and volunteers’ activity, about side effects of drugs and alcohol, about violence within families and society. I really enjoyed to answer questions from people on the streets and to receive their appreciation: “It’s a wonderful thing you are doing, you are very good.”
This my first experience with participating as a volunteer in a project and I’m sure it’s not the last time. I was impressed by the activities I was involved in. In my opinion this project was a great success both for me and the communities from those three areas. I suppose there should be more projects of this kind.
                  Cazacu Ana, volunteer,
Student at State University „Alecu Russo”, Bălți,
Faculty of Economics


“Volunteers without frontiers- a step toward progress”
Before I’ve got familiarized with the project “Volunteers without frontiers” I wasn’t aware of the term volunteering. I’ve heard about it on TV or radio but it was thanks to this project that I’ve understood its meaning.
First of all I would like to emphasize that volunteering is nothing else but an activity of public interest and is based on your own initiative.
Personally I find this project as a step toward progress, social progress. I had the opportunity to meet people who have shown me the positive aspects of this kind of activity. I was pleasantly surprised by the attitude of the instructors and trainers we had. They’ve reminded us about today’s teenagers’ problems and gave us some advices concerning the ways to solve them. Open discussion was the way to break the age barrier.
A special moment was the visit of the Suceava County Police Inspectorate where for the first time in my life I‘ve held a gun in my hands and I’ve seen an improvisation of police trained dogs capturing criminals although they were very friendly with us. Other departments were also very exciting (polygraph, Police Rapid Intervention Service). I’ve enjoyed a lot the day when our trainers gave us an opportunity to prepare a simulation of a lawsuit and helped us to see the judicial process in a different way.
During this project we learned about many new things but also made a lot of friends. It’s all due a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Beautiful moments were spent during Information Caravan held in my home town Balti and the workshop on 25 February.
Thank you for this project and the possibility to learn how to make great things with more effort, for beautiful moments spent with beautiful people and thank you for the warm attitude. Thank you Mr. Nelu Todireanu, thank you Mr. Balinschi. Also we are thankful for all the persons who trained us because they are wonderful people with big heart!!!
                                                     GÎRLA Adriana, student at the ”Mihai  Eminescu” High School, Bălți


During this project I’ve met youngsters of same age as me being not only enthusiastic but entirely convinced that they can change this world. I’m glad we share the same opinion: you might become a volunteer only if you have the spirit of initiative and you are ready to sacrifice your own free time in order to convince other people not only to accept your point of view but also to make them follow your principles and respect them.
I don’t have a lot of experience but I truly enjoy promoting the activities I’ve participated at during the project “Volunteers without frontiers”. When I’ve started for the first time to discuss with ordinary citizens on the street about healthy life style, I’ve noticed their interest and admiration towards us, towards our boldness to speak openly on such problems as human and drug trafficking, smoking, juvenile delinquency and other social problems.
I felt being important because I’m not being ignorant, because of my ability to overcome my inertness and due the fact that I was a part of a wonderful Action promoting welfare and trust. I was aware that we can change and maybe even save the world if we want.
Because through volunteering activities we learn that everything could be solved through love, honesty, patience I’d like to confess that I want to be a volunteer for my entire life. It gives you the opportunity to be free and at the same time it disciplines you and makes you more responsible towards your own actions.
                                                                            Ioana POPA, “Mihai Eminescu” High School,  Bălţi



I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity given by you to participate at this wonderful project “Volunteers without frontiers”. I’m really happy I’ve participated at training courses held in Suceava and at the Workshop that took place in Balti.It was my first experience with this kind of project, I don’t regret, on the contrary the impressions I’ve made during this time are extraordinary. I’ve gathered information about things I’ve known a little about or anything at all.
This project had a great importance for me. Besides becoming aware of the dangers of human trafficking, cross border delinquency and drug trafficking I’ve made a lot of friends from neighbor countries and even from Balti. It was an unforgettable experience of participating at some sport contests in Suceava, discussing with project partners and enjoy the determination the participant showed.
I believe and I hope I’ll be able to put in practice the knowledge I’ve obtained in a place like my own high school. I would like this project to not be the last one but a mere impulse to make us involve in other interesting and creative projects.
                                           MATIESCU Laurentia, student at ”B. P. Hașdeu” High School, Balti


Nowadays the most serious form of violating human rights is the human trafficking and drug trafficking. Republic of Moldova represents the main source for human trafficking in Europe. This issue became a serious problem.
The project “Volunteers without frontiers” is a weapon used to solve this problem. I was very impressed by this Action. I have positive feelings toward it because I’ve not only participated as a volunteer but also had a lot of fun.
After assisting at training courses I’ve realized that human and drug trafficking is a crime with the highest rate of growth in world. I’ve understood that the causes of this issue are: poverty, inadequate public services, and high rate of unemployment, discrimination, uncaring parents, and also lack of information concerning present tendencies of illegal migration.
The project Volunteer without frontiers was organized at a high level. It gave me the opportunity to gain more experience in the area of volunteering. I’ve learned new things about volunteering from my colleagues in Romania and Ukraine and also acknowledged some methods of communication and presentation.
This project made me realize that there is nothing stronger than a volunteer’s heart. I’ve worked efficiently together with volunteers of different ethnicity. We joined our forces and created a united team, creative, energetic and willing to involve themselves in volunteering activities.
Every activity we, volunteers, took part at was designed for society’s welfare. This is something what makes you to be proud of yourself.
The training courses related to human and drug trafficking have been hosted by kind and professional instructors who cherished our involvement.
It’s a gratifying result the fact that we received a lot of new information. Trainers thought us things we never knew and which made us aware of possibilities to prevent different kinds of dangerous situations.
The project Volunteers without frontiers is a good Action. It contributed to the improvement of social welfare in the context of criminal activity in cross border area. Of course this is just a small drop in a big ocean of problems, but it’s an important drop which makes us the volunteers to involve more in the future preventing this kind of criminal acts.
I’m happy for being able to participate at this project; I’ve enjoyed making new friends and involving together in social activities.
We are heroes because we are the only persons on the earth showing compassion, concern, patience and love for the nation.
                                                             MELINTEI Mihai, student at ”Vasile Alecsandri” High School, Balti


It often happens for us to hear youngsters complaining about their will to make something new, to fill their free time with interesting activities, to find a way to escape from this confining routine. Sadly most of the times those are just thoughts fated to never become real. Why? Because there is no support, willingness, courage and of course they lack motivation. “What is the point of fighting if it is alright the way it is now?” “I’m not Don Quixote to fight against windmills and even if I do so who will appreciate it?...” Those are the thoughts shared among people from my home town and to be honest, about three year ago I was thinking the same. But there were a lot of events in my life which made me change my opinion. The project Volunteers without Frontier is on the list of these events which make you say: “Yes! I can do a change!” To be honest I was leaving to Suceava thinking about the opportunity to meet a lot of people, to see a beautiful city, the fortress of the Stephen the Great and less about what I’ll learn there. Shortly after that I’ve restated my objectives and became ready to learn every day something new about volunteering, the way this activities might make you nicer, richer, and smarter and enjoyed being a part of everything happening at that time. I’ve enjoyed a lot the agenda of the training courses. I suppose the optimal distribution of the activities made the training to be a great success. We didn’t spent our time sitting for hours in raw until steam would come out from ears instead we extraordinary spent our time learning. I’m always saying that I like to learn but I’m not always ready to learn. But that week of training I’ve really enjoyed learning thanks to our trainers. They didn’t have the goal to present us some dull information but to make us aware of the opportunities offered by the volunteering. We made posters, we expressed our opinions, and I’ve realized that if I would be left alone in a dessert I would probably not survive (as a result of test), I felt how was it to be a robbed old lady, finally saw a real polygraph, I’ve added a lot of people as friends on Facebook, people with whom I’ll continue to communicate and the most important thing is that I’ve realized I can do a lot more than just approving what is going on in my home town, in my country, in my life. Besides learning about volunteering I’ve also seen another society, mentality, and infrastructure. Those made me realize that a change is possible and required all we need is desire and hard work. Volunteerism is enrooting those values among young people that’s why it is important to involve this category.  I always emphasize that we don’t have sufficient organizations for hiring volunteers but I realize this is just a justification. There were people who didn’t see the lack of a manger as an obstacle for them but a challenge. They established NGOs and schools for volunteers in order to give them information about this field. It will be great if the participants of this project will also have the courage to make such a step and I hope that in the future will be able to join our forces and using our friends’ experience to make something we’ll be proud about. That will prove our participation at this project wasn’t just a waste of time. As soon as you reach your goal you search for another one, this our human nature – we always long for something new and hard to achieve. Participating at the training I’ve learned a lot of theory thus reaching one of my goals. Now I’m longing for more, I want to learn how it’s working in real life and I hope I’ll find it out. I’m ready to fight realizing that it might be a disappointing but I won’t give up my hopes for a great future for our society and we can do this work out together.
I want to express my gratitude to training organizers. You are very skilled in your field and I hope you’ll continue motivating youngsters interested in making the change.
NEGRU Adelina, student at ”Mihai  Eminescu” High School, Balti


This summer I’ve participated at volunteering activities within an international project “Volunteers without frontiers”. I was greatly impressed by the diversity of topics covered, discussed during different activities – meetings with youngsters, practical courses, discussions, simulations, visits, sightseeing, sport contests etc.
With some of information I was already familiar with while other things were absolutely new. Anyway everything has been an interesting experience – practical and instructive at the same time. For example, human and drug trafficking were simple words heard on TV which, honestly speaking didn’t get my attention because I thought it doesn’t concern me. The volunteering was the activity that made me analyze more deeply this problem – the plaque of society.
I’m sorry for those young people living their life in vain, damaging their health and losing their lives too early. That why in my opinion this project is a great opportunity and it will be great if it will have a continuation gathering together more youngsters.
                                                                              NOVIȚCHI Dmitri, pupil at the Middle School  nr. 3, Balti



What does volunteering mean? In my opinion: life, future, knowledge, information, interest, benefit, experience, energy, implication, team, friends, passion, decisions etc. This semantic field is possible to continue. But I’d like to choose 3 words: future, benefit and experience.
“Volunteering” might have as a synonym the noun “benefit”. From my own experience I can say that volunteerism is an activity done willingly because you want to do it for society and for yourself. During the Information Caravan unfolded on 13 November in Balti (Republic of Moldova) we spread in the downtown flyers and folders with useful information. In other words we contributed for the process of raising awareness amongst citizen about dangers of drugs, human trafficking, etc.
The word “future” has direct connection with volunteering. Within the project “Volunteers without Frontiers” we analyzed the main problems our society is facing, specifically the problems of the young generation and tried to identify solutions for them. We, the young generation represent the present and the future at the same time.  Nowadays youngsters have to fight such dangers as drug trafficking, illegal migration and criminality. Therefore being informed means you are prepared.
The experience we’ve gained is various. We started with training courses for young volunteers held in Suceava (Romania) with a cultural program during it; after that I’ve participated at the Information Caravan in Balti and also at three workshops unfolded in Suceava, Chernovtsy (Ukraine) and Balti where the final conclusion regarding this project were discussed. Therefore not only I’ve gained a lot of useful information but I’ve also met young people from Suceava and Chernovtsy and shared experience.
I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Andrei Balinschi who gave us the opportunity to participate at this project and to Mr. Nelu Todirenu the project manager.
I’m glad I had the possibility to participate at all the activities unfolded during the project. It had a great influence on the formation of my personality.
Podlisnic Corina
Student at State university “Alecu Russo”, Balti


I’ve heard about “Volunteers without frontiers” project from Mr. Andrei Balinschi, University Lector, and it awakened my curiosity.
As a result I’ve participated at Information campaign (May, 2011) where we filled some questionnaires; Information Caravan in Balti on November, 2011 – we spread flyers, brochures and folders containing information about drug and human trafficking and criminality in order to raise awareness among society about the necessity to say STOP Drug especially youngsters.
Also I’ve been at the workshop organized in Romania, Suceava on January, 2012. I was pleasantly surprised when involving myself in volunteering activities and realizing that there are a lot of reasons to be a volunteer. At this event I’ve learned how to work in a team, had discussions on volunteering: what is volunteering and why it’s a good choice to be a volunteer, problems faced nowadays by community and society in general.
I’ve made new friends in Suceava and Chernovtsy.
February, 2012 I was present at the workshop held in Balti, together with our colleagues from Suceava and Chernovtsy. We had an open discussion about us volunteers – an important experience for my future. We also elaborated some future strategies for further activities.
It was a great pleasure to able to participate at this project and I intend to continue my activity within Association Small Euro Business as a volunteer.
                   Rusnac Angela, student at State University  ‘’Alecu Russo’’, Balti


In 2011-2012 I was involved in the volunteers’ team of the project “Volunteers without frontiers”. My colleague from University introduced me to this project. One day she’d told me about how interesting are activities unfolded during this Action. I was curious and became a volunteer. And it really was a lot of fun and interesting activities. Besides I’ve gathered a lot of new and useful information.
January 2012, we’ve been invited to participate at the Workshop unfolded in Suceava, Romania. We received a very warm and respectful welcome. At the seminary the volunteers were in the focus. Each one of them was involved, had an activity – someone was capturing a video while others were enjoying their role play, someone was writing and others drawing. The time flew unobservable till the dusk fell. We felt a little bit down when realizing that the next day we have to head home.
In spring of 2012 it was our colleagues from Chernovtsy, Ukraine and Suceava, Romania who came in Balti, Republic of Moldova. The workshop was lively because of discussions, debates and different points of view. Everyone had the opportunity to present his own opinion.
After each new Workshop volunteers happen to learn something unknown before, make some conclusions and they always leave something behind them.
I should mention the fact that I’ve met a lot of new person whom I befriended.
I’m very sorry the project ended so quickly. I hope in future I’ll  be a volunteer again within this kind of projects.
Student at State University ”Alecu Russo”, Balti



Волонтери без кордонів
Програма «Волонтери без кордонів» ставить за мету покращення міжкордонного співробітництва, та обмін досвідом між школярами та студентами із країн учасників. Реалізація даного проекту розпочата в 2007 році і завершиться в 2013. Зокрема була організована плідна співпраця між групами волонтерів із трьох країн її членів, це: Україна, Румунія та Республіка Молдова. Для мене, участь у цьому проекті, виявилась позитивним освітнім досвідом. Оскільки я дізнався про великий обсяг нової інформації, завдяки якій проблематика транскордонного регіону, стала більш ясніша для мене. У першу чергу лекції та соціальні тренінги, які проводились у трьох країнах почергово, розкрили значний потенціал для «поза програмних» дій. Тобто, після того як ми дізнались про роботу прикордонної служби, поліції, громадських організацій, та послухали лекційні курси, у власних країнах активісти почали соціальну роботу по ознайомленню з цією програмою  середні навчальні заклади, та вищі навчальні заклади. Зокрема у ці курси входили такі тематичні підрозділи як : «Наркотичні речовини», «Торгівля людьми», «Контрабанда», «Незаконний перетин кордону». Звичайно вектор загальної проблематики зводився до транскордонної співпраці трьох регіонів. Це м. Чернівці (Україна), м. Сучава (Румунія), м. Бєльці (Республіка Молдова.). На мою думку, такого ґатунку співпраця, в подальшій перспективі віділлється чудовими стосунками між молоддю у цих країнах. А обізнаність молодих людей значно зменшить правопорушення у прикордонній зоні.  
Ілля  ПАРПАУЦ, студент, м. Чернівці (Україна)


The European community needs a wider number of volunteers
During the unfolding of the European project “Volunteers without frontiers”, started at 1 March, 2011, drafted by partners International Association of Small and Medium Business “Small Euro Business”, from Balti, Romanian Youth League “Junimea”,from Chernovtsy (Ukraine) and ANA Foundation from Suceava have been organized various meetings, trainings in all three locations. I had the great opportunity to participate at almost all the meetings from the three countries.  I’ve come to understand the volunteers’ mission and the great value has the prevention through media of such problems as human trafficking, drugs etc.  Among other activities there've been organized international workshops. The first two unfolded in Suceava and Chernovtsy, the last one took place in Balti. The workshop in Balti has the venue at the State University “ Alecu Russo”.  There was the place of meeting for almost 50 volunteers from Romania, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova during three meeting sessions. Among covered topics I would like to emphasize “The juridical issues of volunteering in Republic of Moldova”, presented by Andrei Balinschi from Balti, “Communication techniques” by Vlad Grosar student at Universtity “Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava.  Also we discussed upon the “elements impeding the communication process” etc.  To clarify some issues regarding the specific problems   faced by volunteers nowadays were initiated debates. Volunteers also presented case studies of advantages they received through volunteering.
The young professor and journalist George Bodnaras drew his speech in order to show the possibilities for youngsters to become a part of volunteering projects and programs. He explained the methods he uses to familiarize the children from the school he works in – Romanian school from Ostrita, Herta County – with volunteering and how to show  them the ways to prevent such problems as drugs, alcohol, violence, human trafficking, etc.
Unfortunately, nowadays the circle of volunteers tends to reduce. This was the conclusion made by participants at the workshops in Ukraine, Romania and Republic of Moldova within the project “Volunteers without frontiers”. I’m glad I had the opportunity to discover new interesting things as an efficient volunteer among other volunteers from Ukraine.
Iurie Saponaru, graduate of National University Chernvotsy



Беручи участь у цьому проекту, я здобула нові цікаві знання про волонтерство
Європейські проекти є досить популярними у середовищі молоді, як із України, так із Румунії та Республіки Молдова. Саме для нас, молодого покоління, на початку 2011 року, був ініційований проект «Волонтери без кордонів», в рамках якого були організовані численні акції з інформування та попередження суспільства щодо споживання наркотиків. Серед цих акцій, варто відзначити наступні інформаційні кампанії: роль волонтерства у професійному формуванні молоді, попередження груп-ризику про небезпеку споживання наркотиків, про насильство, торгівлю людьми, нелегальну міграцію та транскордонну злочинність. Ці теми були висвітлені в Україні, Румунії та Республіці Молдова.  
Улітку 2011 р. я мала нагоду бути серед 60 представників молодіжного покоління із Чернівців, Белць та Сучави, які брали участь у спеціалізованих підготовчих курсах для волонтерів із трьох держав.  Саме тоді я дізналась цікаві речі, які стануть мені у нагоді. Роль, яку відіграють волонтери у суспільстві є важливим.  У Сучаві, Чернівцях та м. Белць були організовані інформаційні компанії, присвячені волонтерству, в яких взяли участь представники відділу внутрішніх справ Інспекторату поліції, неурядових організацій із України, Румунії та Республіки Молдова. Партнери проекту – Ліга Румунської Молоді «Жунімя» із Чернівецької області, членом якої я є, Міжнародна Асоціація Малого та Середнього Бізнесу “Small Euro Business”, м. Белць, Республіка Молдова, Інспекторат поліції повіту Сучава, Управління Міністерства внутрішніх справ України у Чернівецькій облсті, мерія міста Белць і основний партнер проекту – Фундація «Ана» із Сучави – поставили перед собою завдання  ініціювати співробітництво у зоні кордону Румунія – Україна – Молдова, на основі спільного проекту, який зміцнює громадянське суспільство для збереження соціально-культурних та історичних традицій, як перший крок до дослідження економічного потенціалу транскордонного регіону. Я би хотіла відзначити, що організатори проекту «Волонтери без кордонів» зуміли досягти поставлених завдань, тому що, ми, молодь, розповсюдили багато інформацій про негативні наслідки споживання наркотиків, попереджуючи населення про небезпеку торгівлі людьми.  Я бажаю залучитись і до інших транскордонних проектів, оскільки я володію певними знаннями про волонтерів та волонтерство.



Ніколи не думав скільки зла може наробити споживання наркотиків

Ніколи не думав скільки зла може наробити людині споживання наркотиків. Можливо, я занадто молодий для обговорення цієї теми, але хочу підкреслити, що моя участь у семінарах, які відбулись у Сучаві, Чернівцях і місті Белць, в рамках проекту «Волонтери без кордонів» переконала мене у тому, що я маю бути гарним волонтером, для того щоб розповідати моїм одноліткам про наркотичні речовини, про їх негативні ефекти у випадку наркотичної залежності, про те, що потрібно робити коли твої друзі шукають щастя у «келиху», або не можуть жити без наркотиків. Я впевнений, що я зможу показати їм правильну дорогу. Разом зі мною, й інші зможуть присвятити вільний час волонтерству.  
На жаль, про волонтерство, я ніколи не чув до цього часу. У школах дуже рідко можна почути про добровольців, які можуть врятувати життя молодих людей. Я впевнений, що знання, які були здобуті протягом 2011 року у рамках курсів є достатніми для здійснення волонтерської діяльності.  Але, я б не відмовився від шансу удосконалити свої уміння під час проведення інших подібних курсів.
Я дуже вдячний тим людям, які допомогли мені дізнатись багато нових та важливих речей для молодого покоління та для нашого щасливого майбутнього.
Крістіан-Василь ПЛЕВАН, учень ІВК Купка, Чернівецька область